Ready for a 14-Day Atlantic Odyssey? Embark on a Memorable Cruise Across the Ocean!

Embark on a Journey Beyond Imagination: The Seventh Dimension Awaits

Join Rosanna Biglia for a Luxurious Cruise from Barbados to Lisbon: March 16-29, 2024

Dive into an extraordinary quantum experience aboard our luxury cruise. Sail from the vibrant shores of Barbados to the historic beauty of Lisbon. This isn't just a journey; it's a transformation into the realms of the seventh dimension.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Atlantic Ocean Cruise

How Soon Should I Reserve My Cabin?
With only 35 cabins left and over 800 people on the waiting list, we urge you to book now to secure your spot on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

What's the Cost of This Unique Experience?
Embark on this adventure for $9000. Choose our easy payment plan with 12 monthly installments, or enjoy a 5% discount on upfront cash payments.

How Do I Secure My Place?
Simply fill out the form on this page and make a 10% deposit of the cruise's total cost. Our team will then reach out to you for the remaining payment arrangements.

What’s Included in This Exciting Package?
- 14 days of luxurious accommodation in a double cabin on the cruise (single travelers will be paired with another participant).
- All meals and non-alcoholic beverages included.
- Daily exclusive classes with Rosanna for all skill levels.
- Receive a personalized diploma based on your level and class attendance.
- Engage in special group workshops including culinary experiences, quantum film screenings, and shows.

(Please note: Airfare is not included.)

Can I Bring Someone Along? Are There Any Discounts?
Absolutely! Bring a companion and enjoy a 1000 USD discount on their ticket. For children under 12, the ticket is half-priced.

What's the Cruise Ship Like?
Explore the cruise ship with this 360º virtual tour: 360º Virtual Tour of Cruise Ship.

Where Does Our Journey Begin and End?
Set sail from the port of Barbados on March 16, 2024. We recommend arriving in the morning or a day earlier. The journey concludes at the port of Lisbon on March 29, 2024, where you’ll arrange your return trip.

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Our support team is just a click away.
Reach out to us via e-mail: [email protected]
Reach out to us via WhatsApp: Contact Support Team.

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