Learn to self-control and self-correct your mind to get everything you want in your life

A 100% practical method to start changing your reality right now

Eliminate your fears and restrictions by clearing your emotional junk with tools to raise your vibrational frequency. 

  • You will work with different conscious tools to maximize the power that already exists within you.
  • You will reinforce the achievement of everything you desire, whether financially, personally, spiritually and/or emotionally.
  • You will eliminate emotional illnesses to create a new reality, the reality you want to change.
  • You will change your mindset from negative to positive.
  • You will understand how to correctly program and reprogram your mind to achieve the results you want in your life.You will eliminate negative beliefs, fears and blocks to increase your vibrational frequency and resonate with your dreams and goals.

What are the 8 Tools?

The 8 tools are simple techniques of conscious use, which can take from 30 seconds to 1 minute, that you will incorporate in practice according to the circumstances you have in your life throughout the day.

All these tools are for you to use day to day so you can start living quantum 24/7, 1440 minutes a day, so I say it is: 24/7/1440.

These quantum tools will allow you to self-control and self-correct your mind to achieve everything you want in your life.



This first tool is the basis of the other tools and the connection with its infinite power and in this imperceptible time, we are 100% infinite power.
It is a tool to consciously ask in the form of decrees or when we want to cancel something that we have said or decreed in a negative way.
Therefore, when you decree something, it is the unconscious that selects from the field of infinite possibilities. So if you don't control the mind, the Law of Attraction doesn't work when we want to use it consciously.
With these tools you will consciously enter this imperceptible time and transmute all your memories.
It is "on the move" because we do it all day as long as we live. With this tool, you literally have a magic wand.



With this tool, what we are going to do is reprogram the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental body to the vibration of the Earth.
Because the Earth is a fifth dimensional being and is increasingly at an extraordinary vibrational frequency. And on Earth the vast majority of people, with their concerns, are not on that frequency.

Therefore, your bodies are vibrating at another vibration and you must reprogram them to Earth's vibration to be grounded here and now on this physical plane.
You don't have to get up and look up to the sky to ascend, you, more than ever, have to ground yourself in the Earth, because she is the one who is lifting you up.
That's why you feel out of place, because you're not planted on this physical plane, on Earth, and you feel the feeling of "What am I doing here?".



What if instead of enacting material things for your life, we turn around and start enacting your own vibrational ascension?

When our vibrational frequency starts to increase, you start to feel joy and this is the perfect emotion to enact everything you want in your life.

With this tool, what you do is test your vibrational frequency to see how it is doing.
And if it is low, we will dive into the unconscious level looking for the causes that generate this low vibrational frequency and transform the energy that generates it.

Here you will understand if you are in high or low vibrations and so you will have control of your vibrational frequency minute by minute.



The ego is inside the neutron of all atoms. It is a necessary part of all our bodies. It is an element that is in matter. Therefore, it is on Earth, in nature, in the air, in water.
We don't have to annihilate it. What you have to do is balance that ego to Earth's ego and come into a point of balance.

It's when we get out of control and manipulate to either elevate our ego, or make it too low. The ego has to be in balance to feel good.
This tool solves all types of relationships. If in an argument you balance the ego of both, the argument is over. In the balanced ego there is no control.

The ego, contrary to what is believed, is impossible to be annihilated or destroyed. It is necessary for our survival. It must be balanced with Earth's ego.
Neither low ego nor high ego is good. Low ego can destroy the survival instinct and lead to suicide.

In these tools I will teach you how to achieve ego balance.



The law of gender is found in every aspect of our body: we have male and female cells and organs. We have to be balanced within our body, in relationships, thoughts and discussions.
Here, we will understand the origin. The cause and why we have to live with this difference between male and female genders.
We will go to the origin, and with that you will be able to solve all kinds of questions in the relationships resulting from these differences.
With this tool we will reach Unity, which is where love is in all relationships.



Communication is telepathic, but we have not developed it. But in the future, on this planet Earth, telepathy will be the one that changes the world.
This tool is used to close the telepathic channels. Not all, just the one that is affecting you.
It works on the psychic level, on the thoughts, emotions and beliefs of others. Or in the energy of objects, energy circulating in a place or from traumatic events.
It's a great blessing for many of the physical ailments you have, which make you take a lot of medicine. Physical pains, headaches. Closing telepathic channels instantly is very good.

Telepathy is natural to human beings. If you are in telepathy with a being raised on the frequency of love, you rise. But if there is a being who is criticizing you and you are listening to him telepathically, he is destroying you. Or if you're judging someone else, you're destroying them telepathically.

Here, you will learn to close telepathic channels. The higher you are, the greater the telepathy. This is why telepathic channels often need to be closed.



These tools are the ones you will use the longest, and this is where you will open the book of life. You will work with everything we see in our hologram.

We have infinite situations in our life, this is what I call a hologram.
All the situations I have in my life, everything around me… If I am at peace and calm within my hologram and suddenly something comes up that takes away my peace, it could be an argument with a person, it could be that I am on the street and a person passes by who looks at me and scolds me. .. All this is part of my hologram.
Everything in my hologram, good or bad, I created with my mind.

Let's correct your hologram which is telling you what is in your unconscious mind. You can correct any being that comes your way, from any realm.

These tools are for speeding up. Instead of going into your body, you go into your creations and discover what the memories are through your creations.
It is with this tool that you will fix your entire 24/7/1440 hologram.



Attachment is one of the great causes of pain, if not the only cause of pain.

When you learn to live this life without attachment to things, circumstances or people, you can unconditionally accept the circumstances that arise in your life.

If you could let go of everything in your life, there would be no pain. That ugly mourning that happens in the lives of many as a result of deaths, not only of people, but also of circumstances, relationships or even moments of great joy, of great pleasure. Not letting go of it causes pain in their lives, causes suffering, sadness, many things.

In summary, achieving detachment is an extraordinary mastery that I will teach you, as you break free with the tools and understand the concept of detachment.

With this tool we will test the causes that attach us to people, places and things that are produced by the fears and phobias that are in your unconscious memory.

What is included in the course?

Access to video lessons
for each tool

You will have access to a study platform. Where, week by week, videos will be released with the different tools, which you can watch from any device, as many times as you want.

Support material in PDF

You will have access to support material with a PDF protocol for each of the tools, so that you can put it into practice quickly and easily.

Pearls of Q&A classes

You will have access to the videos we call "Pearls of Q&A classes". These videos bring the most pertinent questions from Spanish language learners and you can watch them in English.

Extra Bonus: Masterclasses and the Abundance Code Workshop

You will have access to two special classes in Spanish, with English subtitles, where you will understand different aspects of the QMM technique, in addition to the recording of the Abundance Code Workshop.

1 year access to the
study platform

You will have access for 1 year from the time you enroll in the course, to the materials and any updates we make during that period.

Certificate: QMM School

Upon completing the course, you will obtain a digital certificate stating that you have completed the 8 Tools course and that you are part of this transformation of the QMM School.

Who is Rosanna Biglia?

Rosanna Biglia is the creator of the Quantum Mind Method. A method that has been taught to her students for the last 12 years, providing online and face-to-face training through the QMM School. Helping them unlock their creative processes through metaphysics and quantum physics.

3 key points that make
this course special

100% pratical

These tools are the product of my own experience and this course is 100% practical for you to apply on a daily basis.
Here you will not learn theory, you will discover theory yourself, once you clear your mind and allow your I AM presence to penetrate your being.

A lifestyle

These tools are much more than a technique, this method is a way of life. You will move from a mind that talks all the time, to a clear and peaceful mind that allows you to vibrate at high frequencies.

Accelerate your ascension process

By learning these tools, you will accelerate your evolutionary process, and you will be able to close your realities of limitations and blocks that dwell in the third dimension.

Let go of fears and blocks by learning to

self-control and self-correct your mind

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Let go of fears and blocks by learning to self-control and self-correct your mind

Sign up now and make a radical change in your life!


3x de $170.00

or in 1x of $450

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